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September 20, 2008
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December 11, 2008

Block Paving For Driveways

Block Paving For Driveways

Block paving for driveways are an interesting and developing technology in the modern driveway search for creative and more beautiful driveway solutions.  Block, or brick, pavers offer a segmented, modular look of a wide variety of patterns, designs and colors.  There is a nearly limitless variation owing to the ability now of manufacturers to create specialized patterns with the additionally interesting technology of adding tremendous and resonant colors to what were once a pretty much uni-colored environment.  Now riotous colors can greet visitors, along with shapes and forms of brick work totally attractive and interesting to the eye.

Block paving has many advantages in the sense that they are a somewhat “flexible” alternative to monolithic pours of cement or asphalt.  Where heaving and breakage occur in both asphalt and concrete, the modular nature of block paving for driveways means that the structure can bend or heave and not resist.  In other words, it will not break and require copious amounts of labor and reconstruction to fix.

When a block paver breaks in a driveway, one removes it and replaces it or others with new ones.  Lifting a paver out of the driveway is easy work, and certainly more preferable to having a crew come in to remove existing pavement and then reapply – in a different shade – what was once good to go. This ease of replacement is one of the paramount benefits of block paving for driveways, among many others.  One can rest far easier with a block-constructed driveway, fully knowing he will have fewer problems in the long run.  For what it;s worth, appraisers and real estate seller also understand the greater value of the block paver driveway.

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