Concrete Sealing – A Value Added Extra

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Natural Stone Pavers
March 4, 2010
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May 22, 2010

Concrete Sealing – A Value Added Extra

concrete sealing

Sealers have become a huge question concerning not only cement in general but also for use on brick pavers used in sidewalks, patios and driveways. The reasons for using them often tend to revolve around matters of appearance when – in fact – it is something completely practical in the end which militates using a sealer on any cement surface.

Considering the many spaces between the wild number of bricks involved, it is just a matter of time before wind, rain, human traffic and the work on top of it erode some of the joint sand away. Now, while this doesn’t necessarily compromise the structure or stability of the edifice, it will make it slightly more unattractive. A sealer can bind the sand joints and leave them in place at their finished level for far longer than a natural finish will do.
Another compelling reason for applying a sealer lies in the ability to clean up after such events as oil and gas spills, barbecue mishaps and the likes. A protective sheen protects the color of the pavers and cement and makes cleaning up far, far easier.
Finally, as in the picture shown above, there is something to be said for a nice-looking surface, all glossy and apparently “wet”. It indeed brings out the color and the surface tones far better and in a hugely interesting way.
Sealers add value, especially relative to their low cost. Improving the look and making it more enduring is a goal, not a sentence.

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