Channel Drains For Driveways And Patios

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Channel Drains For Driveways And Patios

Channel Drains For Driveways

Here is a picture of a patio which we sloped from either direction down into a 40′ long channel drain. Done in Reno, they tend to get their rains in a rush, pretty much all at once, to say nothing of the snow they can accumulate. We needed something sizable to take the amounts of water we’d be dealing with. Naturally, the terrain is dead flat – or close to it, making eventual destinations a challenge but do-able.

It all came from this – note the larger pipes, all designed to haul water. Needless to say, these run to a lower area – part out to the street and another part to the rear of the property, where we had installed a basin.

Here is a look at a typical channel drain, on sale here from Amazon. Composed of hardened plastic, these drains can take the tamping and compacting which normal compacting/vibrating machines do to surrounding pavers.


Brick DrievewayHere’s a look at a driveway channel drain, placed where so many end up, close to the garage. It is unfortunate that we often have streets above homes because it can lead to problems of an obvious nature when huge rainfalls come. Sigh, well, the very best we have is right here in these drains and they do work marvelously.


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