Another Visit To Paving Costs – Recent Trends

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Another Visit To Paving Costs – Recent Trends

Recent Trends in Brick Paving

This is an updated version of last year’s costing information based on just a few changes – much more favorable to a consumer – than the current latest thing in here. All in all, what matters most in costing are labor costs, materials costs and the price of ‘doing business with a business’ cost.

Whereas I had mentioned in years’ past, we had installed pavers from $9.00/square foot to upwards of $13.50 – all included. The current price of pavers in general is around 20% below all that now and a hungrier company might very well allow you to save some bucks by shaving 10% off. The market is definitely a buyer’s market right now.

Indeed, everything has decreased in price. From the rock and base material to the pavers themselves, small surpluses are seen at paver dealers and rock creators who endured so happily the housing boom – which has essentially gone away for now.

In general, I think you can get a nicely-done project for nearly $7.00 – $9.00/square foot if one shops hard enough. This, in the end, is about the same cost as Stamped Concrete.

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