April 18, 2008
Brick paving lights

Paver Lights

These cute little lights are a great addition to walkways and paths. Run off a low voltage lighting system, the wattage powering the lights is minimal […]
April 15, 2008
brick paving

Granite Cobblestone Paving

Cobblestone paving originally meant paving using found rocks, typically round and requiring little or no chipping, inserted into a lime or sand base. The durability of […]
April 13, 2008
Interlocking Brick Pavers

Interlocking Brick Pavers For Your Driveway?

Interlocking brick pavers are quite possibly the single most value-adding enterprise in the outdoors of any home. I base this on numerous conversations with Real Estate […]
March 24, 2008
Drive Way Paving

Drive Way Paving

Drive way paving presents a potential buyer with a wild array of choices.  Depending, of course on budgets, almost anything is possible.  Naturally, the cheapest driveways, […]